Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Joys of Moving

Moving 101: Always remember where you pack your undies.  Life lessons from a music blogger. You will thank me later.  On a side note, I've been a little MIA on posting here plus on the Examiner due to the fact I've been packing & moving.  The joys of makes me know somewhat what a military family goes through as far as packing up and going to a new place.

One of the cool things while unpacking all this stuff is finding my country music memorabilia.  I'm in the process of organizing everything I have (boy that is a HUGE task!).  A few things that I'm very glad I have are concert photos, my Minnie Pearl fan, autographed photos I've gotten hand signed by artists, my mandolin, and concert tickets.

Who knew that concert tickets would bring back memories?  You remember the place, the people, the music, the great time you had.  I came across several of places that are no longer in business.  One of them was a place that oversold tickets, fire marshall shut them down, and fined them $50,000.  The show went on and we didn't leave until 6AM the next morning. Makes for some good stories I have to say and what a good time it was!

There are always stories behind the music - but there is also many more stories behind simple objects such as concert tickets, photos, and more.