Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Living That Song

One thing I hear constantly from folks is "I hate mainstream music" or "I hate hearing the same type song over and over."  Over the years I've opened my ears and eyes to bands that you hear via word of mouth.  They may have opened up for a band that I enjoy, or a friend suggested them.  My musical tastes vary, but one thing that stays constant is that it is music that is real.  In other words, the person that is up there singing the song has lived that song.
Let me say that again - the person singing the song has lived that song. You believe in the song, the personality of the person, and you respect them.  Hank 3 plays songs of trucks, going mudding, hunting, playing music, and other subjects.  I'd rather listen to his version because he lives those songs as compared to someone like Luke Bryan who relies on another person to write his material in an office room, then throw in a club hip hop beat and expect people to shake their rears.
I'm never one to come up with resolutions for new years.  Well except the many years I wanted to meet Little Jimmy Dickens at the Grand Ole Opry and that happened about 3 years ago.  (I'll have to tell ya'll that story one day).
For 2014, I plan on introducing a new artist/band that you may not have heard of.  Hopefully do it on a weekly basis.  It's funny how folks that I picked years ago and earlier this year on Examiner.com as "ones to watch" are just now getting picked up by some of the major blogs/news websites as their picks for 2014.

I also hope to get down to the Muddy Roots Festival, either the spring one or late summer/fall one.  That's on my bucket list needless to say!
Be on the lookout for some personal picks of mine throughout 2014.  You can also listen for those "far left field" picks each week as my Handpicked Download of the Week on WFKY during my Nashville News Roundup.
Speaking of Hank 3, here he is live singing "Brothers of the 4x4" live at the Gas Monkey Garage Bar & Grill.  You can check out my full review of his album here.