Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Country Music Roadtrip

Each year I have these crazy resolutions that I'm going to do one thing or another.  Last year was to meet Little Jimmy Dickens - which I did succeed.  This year is to actually travel the full "Country Music Highway" here in Kentucky.  This spring, we are planning to tour all the sites and sounds from Loretta Lynn's cabin in Butcher Holler to the US 23 Country Music Highway Museum.

In a way, you could say that I'm getting back to my roots when it comes to country music.  I also get to finally experience a few of the views that folks saw back in time.  One cool thing, the Country Music Highway is considered a US Scenic Byway.  Here is the description from their website:

The Country Music Highway is Eastern Kentucky's heritage route. The sites and sounds along the byway capture all aspects of the region's history, including Native American culture, pioneer settlement, coal mining, country music, crafts, architecture, the Civil War, and natural resources.

For more info on the Country Music Highway go to http://countrymusichighway.com/.  Maybe I'll see you while on my adventure!