Monday, April 25, 2011

True Emotion

My mom always joked and said that Oprah has nothing on me when it comes to getting the emotion out of folks while interviewing them.  I have been extremely fortunate to have met some of most kind performers in the field of country music over the last few years.  One of my favorites was Charlie Daniels prior to the Kentucky State Fair last year. (Click here to read).  He was not only passionate about his political views, but he was full of energy with his beliefs.  My favorite part though was when he said that he loved my southern accent. (Boys if you wanna make a girl smile, tell her you like her accent!)  I was born and raised in southeast Kentucky and now live in central part of the state.  One thing that stayed the same perhaps was my southern country ways and my accent.  Perhaps it has helped in my interviews with performers.

During the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame Induction ceremony, I was extremely fortunate to interview John Michael Montgomery, Eddie Montgomery, Steve Wariner, Crystal Gayle, and many others. (Check out my article here.)  I love talking music, but also talking about our beautiful state of Kentucky.  During my interview with Eddie Montgomery, we got to talking about great things about the state, family, etc.  When I asked what was one thing that people may not know about John Michael Montgomery, tears soon came to his eyes.  That one thing was how great a dad he was.  Tears continue to well up as he talked about how family has been a huge part of his life and have helped him through good times and bad times.  Thinking of our conversation, I can't help but tear up. 

While speaking with Steve Wariner, we were talking about family and he was so happy to tell me about his mom being there in the audience.  As he was reflecting on memories, he too teared up and said, "wow you are good at this.  These are the best questions I've heard in a long time."  Hearing that completely humbled me and made me realize that it is amazing how connections amongst family stories one can have.

I enjoy what I do in music journalism.  I love meeting others.  I love to dig into that emotional side and learn more about a person.  Interviews to me are conversations amongst two people, learning about life.  I've learned a lot about those in the industry, but also about myself.  In the words of John Michael Montgomery, "Life's a dance you learn as you go..."