Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sound of Music

Music can make one feel many emotions. It can be happiness, sadness, goofiness, and more.  My life has been surrounded by music.  Growing up my parents had the old 8 tracks of Conway Twitty, George Jones, and others playing in the pickup truck.  I was born and raised on Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn, Johnny Cash, Tammy Wynette, you know, the classics of country music.  I began thinking about how music has surrounded my life at so many different events.  I remember my first concert - Conway Twitty (see a theme parents were huge fans).  I remember the first time I did concert photography at certain arenas.  I remember the first song I slow danced to.  I remember the song I walked down the aisle and later the song I first played when he said goodbye.  I remember the first person I interviewed and how nervous it made me feel.  I remember the time Dolly Parton sang "I Will Always Love You" on national tv in memory of my sister in law.  We all have our moments in time that music has affected us one way or another.  This blog/website will start a new journey as a little background and stories behind the interviews, photos, and more that I've taken over the years.