Saturday, January 2, 2010

Women in Country Music to Look Out For in 2010

Nothing can stop you in your tracks like hearing the wail of a southern soulful voice singing the sorrows of heartache. Even more so, hearing the emotions of love gained, love lost, family, friendships, and more through the voice of a woman can pull at the heartstrings. Several women in country music have started to gain momentum and are my top picks for those to look out for in 2010.

Ashton Shepherd
Ashton Shepherd walked right into the business with the Loretta Lynn sounding tune, "Takin' Off This Pain," singing that she's got a cold beer in her right hand and the left has got her wedding band. Then she turned around with the title track of her debut album, "Sounds So Good." The album was highly appraised by critics and fans, but "country" radio for the most part turned their backs to something that is truly country. She is currently working on a new album, but be sure to pick up her debut release. This Alabama native is as southern as molasses with her vocals that wail through tunes that could have been written back in time, or even current.

Check Out Ashton Shepherd's:

Sunny Sweeney
Having been raised in Texas, Sunny Sweeney has gained popularity over the years both there and in Nashville. She is right at home in a crowded honky-tonk singing songs of the forefathers while bringing alongside her tunes that fit perfectly alongside the classics. She is a modern Loretta Lynn meets Merle Haggard. Her debut record, "Heartbreaker's Hall of Fame," opened the door to showcase her Texas flavored tunes to a new audience. Not only does she have a brassy vocal ability, she's full of sass and humor. Be sure to check out her myspace for new unreleased tunes.

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Ashley Ray
Kentucky country music fans got a taste of Ashley Ray's music when she opened up for Eric Church at the UK Singletary Center in 2009. While on the tour, she "couch surfed" by visiting the homes of fans from town to town. Her adventures brought her closer to the fans and provided the best tourist approach to each town. Blending the twang with the sweet soulful vocals, she has made quite a following. Her latest single, Dirt Cheap, is available on Itunes and has been released to radio stations. The Kansas native is now making a scene down in Texas, following the leagues of the honkytonk heroes.

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