Monday, January 18, 2010

Kentucky Native Laura Bell Bundy Makes Country Music Debut

Laura Bell Bundy of Lexington, Kentucky, has made her country music video debut today with Giddy On Up. It is from her Mercury Records debut release, Achin’ and Shakin’.  The album is split into two collections, part sassy and part sultry, that throws in a mixture of Loretta Lynn with a little soul.

“I have two different sides of my personality,” Bundy explains. “I have a crazy, wild, humorous, outspoken personality, and then I have a depth that only opens up when I am alone or with one other person, and that is captured with this album. I really couldn’t do one without the other.”

Bundy is no stranger to the spotlight as she portrayed the leading role of Elle in Legally Blonde on Broadway, as well as Glinda on Wicked.  When she moved to New York, she went on hopes and dreams of singing country music.  However, Broadway called her name and she first became a star on the theatrical stage.  She would later move to Nashville in 2008 and began working on her latest project.

“For me, being in Kentucky, the world was country music, and as I got older, I listened to country and oldies. It’s all in this album. This is a dream. It has been a dream since I was a kid. I think I always wanted to be an entertainer. There’s an element of that at the Grand Ole Opry, where you can be funny and also be a singer. That is what I really want, that full scope of being a true entertainer.”

Laura Bell Bundy brings her sassy and country soul throughout her music.  Kentucky couldn't be more proud of someone who has put a bright spotlight on our state in the field of music.