Monday, February 29, 2016

Chris Stapleton releases music video for Fire Away

Chris Stapleton has released a powerful haunting new video for his song, "Fire Away."  The video aims to highlight mental health awareness and the Campaign to Change Direction's efforts to identify the five signs of emotional suffering: change in personality, agitation, withdrawal, decline in personal care and hopelessness. 

From the Campaign to Change Direction website:

The Campaign to Change Direction is a national initiative designed to change the culture of mental health in America. The Campaign encourages us all to learn and share the Five signs of emotional suffering:
  • change in personality
  • agitation
  • withdrawal
  • decline in personal care
  • hopelessness

We would like to thank Chris and Morgane Stapleton for their compassion, courage and willingness to step up to create this important story – and the entire Stapleton team for their support of our mission. We would also like to thank actors Ben Foster and Margarita Levieva for their inspired and compelling performances. Finally, we would like to thank Tim Mattia whose direction brought Chris’ vision into focus. By lending their talent and their voices, these fine artists are helping us change the culture of mental health in America.

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