Sunday, February 15, 2015

Winter in Kentucky

In the winter time, it seems like we all hibernate and try to pick up projects inside the comfort of a warm home.  For me, I use it as a time of reflection and planning for the upcoming year.  Several years ago, I moved back to my hometown after living in Versailles, Kentucky, for 5 years.  Before that, I lived in Lexington, Kentucky.  I miss my friends and the beautiful countryside.  I spent a lot of time driving the backroads, taking photos of the scenery that surrounded me.

I have been going through old photos and thought I would share a few with you from time to time.  These two were taken at Manchester Farm in Lexington, Kentucky.  Being a farmgirl, I was always drawn to taking photos of barns and livestock.  Stay tune for more photos as I dig through my collection!  If you would like, you can follow me over at Facebook.

Winter Time in Kentucky - by Jessica Blankenship

Winter in Kentucky - by Jessica Blankenship