Saturday, August 2, 2014

Emi Sunshine: Crafting the art of mountain soul in music

I love it when I stumble across a musician or act that turns my head.  They make me immediately start telling others about them.  Earlier this year, I was down in Gatlinburg and remember seeing a young girl singing alongside a band.  Her vocals were unique, country, and just innocent.

Speed forward to a few weeks ago, one of my friends posted the video of Emi Sunshine.  I immediately recognized those vocals and yep, there she was!

During my Nashville News Roundup yesterday, I mentioned that folks should take listen to EmiSunshine.  Little did I know until this morning, Emi Sunshine will be making her Grand Ole Opry debut on August 5, 2014.  

Her honesty and innocence in her vocals reminds me of Emmylou Harris and June Carter Cash.  And she is a sassy little dresser.  Coming from east Tennessee, you get the sense of heritage from the Great Smoky Mountains of the craft of songwriting and playing music.  Not only does she write, she sings, plays multiple instruments.

Go check her out on Facebook at and over at Reverb Nation at  She also has a Youtube Channel - click here to listen.

I believe after the Grand Ole Opry, more folks will be seeing what many of us have seen in person and online.  

I will leave you with this Facebook quote by EmiSunshine: "A nice lady asked me to write more personal stuff and be a bit more like Taylor Swift. She asked mostly I think to help me. To be more popular. To be a success. I appreciate that. However..... I'm not gonna fit in a mold. I'm eccentric, whimsical and prone to sit in a room with nothing but Jimmy Rogers and me and a bunch of instruments. I listen to the Louvin Brothers and The Carter Family, to Johnny and June. Then there are days filled with Matt Woods, Kevin Abernathy and Jim Lauderdale , days with Mike Farris and Buddy & Julie Miller, days of The Black Crowes and Shooter Jennings! I wear old clothes and new clothes and vintage hats and bandana's and I love having my hair done and nails and make up and GLITTER and I'd rather play music than anything on earth. I pray and I believe, I love my family and my Church. And I love you guys.... So that's me! Take me as I am.... I sing Dolly, Tanya, CCR and Johnny, and I sing me! Their music makes me who I am..., they paved this road I'm just walking my way to the other side!"