Friday, August 15, 2014

Angaleena Presley releases new lyric video for Ain't No Man

When it comes to Kentucky musicians, I am a cheerleader for them for success.  Deep in the pockets among the mountains of east Kentucky comes the soul and sounds of music.  One of the exports is Angaleena Presley, of Beauty, Kentucky.  She is the daughter of a coal miner, a wonderful singer, and a songwriter that has written some great compositions.  Needless to say, I'm a fan.

Angaleena Presley just released a really creative hands-on lyrical video of her new song, "Ain't No Man."  You will have to check it out.  I love the old country groove that you could easily turn on the ole vinyl record player and hear this song playing over the static.

I can't for her album to be released October 14, 2014.  Be sure to check out her wonderful website over at

Lyrics to Ain't No Man by Angaleena Presley

She's smooth as a gravel on a roadside creek bank
Sweet as a flower on a knotty pine casket
She's hot as the fire on the end of a cigarette
Rich as a church's Wednesday night basket
And there ain't no man who can get his head around it

She's sharp as the blade of a mountain man's knife
Sour as an apple in a homemade pie
Mean as a snake in a small town zoo
Ain't nobody that could ever get to her heart

She's bright as the moon on a hungover morning
Clean as the mouth of a welfare baby
She's slick as the leather on a cowgirl's holster
Quick as the tongue of a Johnny come lately
And there ain't no man ever gonna win that lady

She's pure as the water in a golf course pond
Safe as a tiger with a fifty dollar bond
She's deep as the sole of a worn out shoe
Ain't nobody that could fall into her arms

Proud as a loser in a locker room
Sober as a drink of homemade wine
Sturdy as a trailer in a hurricane
Sweet as the smell of turpentine

She's real as a movie with a happy ending
Fickle as a bulb on a dashboard light
She's pretty as snow on Easter Sunday
Silly as a girl who can't make up her mind
And there ain't no man who can look her in the eye

She's sad as the smile on a birthday clown
Busy as a saddle in a one horse town
Straight as a picture on a blind man's wall
Ain't nobody that could make her fall apart