Monday, March 3, 2014

I've got a sinking feeling - a visit to the National Corvette Museum

During my adventures of visiting Nashville, I decided to make a stop in Bowling Green to the National Corvette Museum.  If you haven't watched the news, a massive sinkhole came through and sucked in several pretty Corvettes.  Now they are working on the restoration efforts of pulling them out one by one like baby Jessica in the well (those raised in the 80s will understand this reference).

First Corvette Pulled out - Courtesy of National Corvette Museum Facebook Page
1993 40th Corvette pulled out 2nd - Courtesy of the National Corvette Museum Facebook Page

I did get to talk with one of the engineers and sweet talked him into taking my cell phone and take a few photos of the infamous hole.  I was in utter shock how big and deep it was upon seeing the photos.  See as you peer through the glass of the black box the hole is "way over yonder" on the other side.

(Click Below to see more photos of the Corvette Museum sinkhole and exhibits)

Peeking around the corner - taken with my cell phone

Photo taken by the engineer with my cell phone

Photo taken by the engineer with my cell phone

Beyond the sinkhole, there are some really cool exhibits along the way in the National Corvette Museum.  
Roy Orbison's Corvette on loan - photo by Jessica Blankenship

oh to go back in time.... photo by Jessica Blankenship

Get yer motors running.... photo by Jessica Blankenship

Speed demon - photo by Jessica Blankenship

You can also tell your friends, kinfolk, and the like to follow you on their webcams online.
I've been spotted checking out this cool Corvette.

One of my friends captured me taking a photo over in Daytona area.

Feels like Where's Waldo 
Be sure to check out the National Corvette Museum's website and Facebook pages to find out more about the restoration efforts going on with the corvettes that were affected with the sinkhole.