Sunday, March 9, 2014

Couch by Couchwest feature on Kentucky musicians

Photo by Alan Gross of @BottleCapRocket
As most of the music folks know, there is a little festival down in Austin that features music, high priced drinks, and a multitude of music acts.  However, it costs quite a pretty penny to fumble through a mile long schedule to hear from musicians you may or may not know.

Then came along Couch by Couchwest trucking right along providing FREE entertainment from the comfort of your couch, chair, or wherever.  They have been active on promoting quite a few good acts over the years.

Today is the first day of CXCW 2014, and even cooler are the number of acts from Kentucky.  Here are the links to check out a few of them.  I'll be updating them as the week rolls by.

Featured on 3/9/2014 of CXCW:
Doc Feldman of Lexington, Kentucky
Josh Nolan of Lexington, Kentucky
Those Crosstown Rivals of Lexington, Kentucky

Featured on 3/10/2014 of CXCW:
Jamie Painter of Louisa, Kentucky
Ford Theatre Reunion of Lexington, Kentucky

Featured on 3/12/2014 of CXCW
Black Sheep Sam from Louisa, Kentucky

Featured on 3/14/2014 of CXCW:
Manitoba Rock n Rolla of Irvine, Kentucky

Featured on 3/16/2014 of CXCW:
Creepy Cassanova of Prestonsburg, Kentucky
Jay Mabry of Louisa, Kentucky

And even though they are not from Kentucky, gotta give props to Dos Ringos of Indiana who have a song called KY Women

Stay tune and go over and visit the festivities over at the Couch by Couchwest website at