Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wayback Wednesday: Why I am a fan of Willie Nelson

Have a Willie Nice Day from yours truly
I've always been a Willie Nelson fan.  In fact, I wanted to do my driver's license photo wearing a my Willie Nelson shirt so that his head would pop up from the bottom of it.  But it was laundry day, Willie was getting washed and it was the last day for me to renew my license so it didn't happen.  However, when I do go back to renew it many years down the road, I will have to wear it.
Back a few years ago, I got to live a dream, a bucket list item you might say.  I finally got to see Willie Nelson in concert.  It was down in Knoxville as part of the Country Throwdown Tour.  I was invited back with press credentials for a second year to cover the event.  It was a real treat and honor.  I got to meet Lukas Nelson, Erin Enderlin, Craig Campbell, and several others.  It was indeed a rush to get to photograph there in the pit the man, the myth, the legendary Willie Nelson.  My article and photo of him was also featured on his website
Willie Nelson along with Lukas Nelson at Country Throwdown. Photo by Jessica Blankenship
I've also grown up living on a farm in rural Kentucky.  We learned how to make a living off the land raising tobacco, soybeans, hay, and wheat.  Farm Aid is an organization that I appreciate coming from the family farm.  They have helped out quite a few folks across the United States in times of need, whether it was a natural disaster or otherwise.  The concert is one that is on my bucket list to attend.  Crossing my fingers it comes back to Louisville or down to Knoxville in the future.  Needless to say, it has brought awareness to the troubles of the American Farmer, as well as encourage folks to go and buy locally grown products.  I'm a firm believer in purchasing locally made products.  We have to help one another for a community to be successful.  Go over to and help support the cause.

I could go on and on about his music, but we all know the hit songs. From Whiskey River to You Were Always On My Mind to Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground....there is always something for everyone.  Scholars could write thesis on the legendary songwriting skills of Willie Nelson but a fan knows what hits the heart and what hits the mind for a good time.
Needless to say my country music bucket list of those to interview includes Willie Nelson.  There are so many questions and much history that I've always wanted to know.  And hopefully one day I'll be able to make it down to Texas to attend his 4th of July picnic!