Monday, November 11, 2013

The Weekly Vinyl: Coal Miner's Daughter Soundtrack

 Back in 1980, Hollywood released the hit movie "Coal Miner's Daughter."  Along with the movie came the vinyl record soundtrack with the same name.  It was in tribute to Loretta Lynn, who was born and raised in the mountains of Kentucky in a place named Butcher Holler.

Last week I had to attend a conference for a my main fulltime job and decided to make a sidetrip to Butcher Holler.  I'll post more about that later this week, along with some photos.

In an interview, Loretta Lynn said that she had Sissy Spacek on the road with her for about a year or so.  Sissy basically studied every move, song, guitar lick, vocals, and actions of Loretta so that her acting would be spot on.  Loretta would take clothes pins and pin up song lyrics to lamp shades in a hotel.  Sissy would sit by her learning the song on guitar and vocals.  Hard work paid off as her acting was just like Loretta Lynn.  Loretta said that she couldn't watch the film because there were moments that were exact to the point of her and her family.  She was, however, pleased that they depicted her and her husband just like they were.

The soundtrack was recorded in Bradley's Barn in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee.  All of the songs were recorded by Sissy Spaceck, with the exception of a few that were recorded by Beverly D'Angelo.  Owen Bradley was the producer of the album that was released on MCA Nashville.  It would reach #2 on the US Top Country Billboard Albums, #40 US Billboard 200 Albums, #1 on the Canada Country Albums, and #23 on the Canada Top Albums charts.

Coal Miner's Daughter: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Track Listing
1. The Titanic
2. Blue Moon of Kentucky
3. There He Goes
4. I'm a Honky Tonk Girl
5. Amazing Grace
6. Walking After Midnight
7. Crazy
8. I Fall to Pieces
9. Sweet Dreams
10. Back in Baby's Arms
11. One's on the Way
12. You Ain't Woman Enough to Take My Man
13. You're Lookin' at Country
14. Coal Miner's Daughter