Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rock Turned Country Series

Nick 13 - Photo by Adam Guy
A lot of people know that I have a keen sense of country music history.  I'm always spitting out random facts and songs of things of the past.  What I really enjoy is when you talk to someone that understands what true country music is about.  These days, people focus on if someone is "too country, too pop, too whatever."
I'm currently working on a series of articles of those in other genres of music that have a country music influence.  The fun part is that I'm a fan of their music as well.  (I'm not just a country music fan, I appreciate quite a few other genres).  I interviewed Aaron Lewis of Staind back in the early spring of 2013.  Recently I interviewed Nick 13 from the punk rock band Tiger Army, as well as Michael Poulsen from the rock band Volbeat.  All three are best known for their rock performances, but you would be extremely surprised of how much they appreciate country music.  They were also very knowledgeable on the subject, knowing songs beyond the normal hit songs of Cash, Waylon, and Merle.
The cool thing is how they seemed to enjoy talking about growing up, listening to their parents records, and using that influence in their own music.  It is evident with their songwriting and musical instrumentation in their songs.  Sometimes you don't get that from the very folks that call their music as country.
Here is a link to the first two articles.  Be on the lookout for my interview with Michael later this week.
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