Sunday, February 19, 2012

Shooter Jennings The Deed and the Dollar

I get excited over traditional country music that doesn't focus on the flash and the fury.  I've been a fan of Shooter Jennings for quite some time....from the rock days to country days.  I always had a respect because he isn't afraid to create music that crosses boundaries.  It's funny that some radio stations won't play him because he's "too country for rock - too rock for country" yet they will play the heck out of Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, etc that are more pop than country.  Never could understand that aspect of airplay.

Shooter Jennings has a new project under his sleeve that comes out March 13th.  The album is called "Family Man" and is one to add to your collection.  One of the cool things is that he filmed 3 videos here in Kentucky.  The first one that is getting heavy airplay on CMT is "The Deed and the Dollar."  It was filmed on location in Greensburg, Kentucky by Kentucky native Blake Judd.  Below is the video.  Check it out and request it to your local radio.