Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Significance of an Autograph

When you finally meet the celebrity you've always wanted to meet, usually you can get an autograph.  However, what is the real significance of getting a piece of paper signed? To some, it's to resell later. While others, it is a nice momento and proof that you indeed meet that person.  For me, I do have several autographed items, including a guitar and mandolin that have a major collection of autographs on it.

I've gotten into having items autographed that have personal meaning, whether it is a photo that I've personally taken of the artist or my mandolin.  I also have the sentinmental photo books that I did specifically for Jamey Johnson over the last few years. Each one showcased a series of shows in the past.  Each time Jamey would personalize a book to me and I would personalize one to him.  One that stood out is the one pictured where Jamey wrote, "Such great pictures. Thanks for the constant reminder of the greatest days of my life."  It makes me happy to know that he appreciates something I've done and it is something to share for future generations.