Friday, September 23, 2011

Glen Campbell Farewell Tour

Last weekend, I got to see Glen Campbell perform at Renfro Valley Entertainment Center as part of his Farewell Tour.  What a lot of people don't know, Glen has recorded his final album and saying his goodbyes to fans in the music business.  He is doing this as he has Alzheimer's Disease.

I was curious, as others, as to how Glen Campbell would perform on stage.  He took it in stride.  Across the stage stood various monitors that had the lyrics to songs so he would be able to sing them.  Glen would be like an excited kid when he found out what the next song was or who wrote it.  There were times that he would have trouble remembering a phrase or word. 

But there is one thing that amazed me - he played his guitar with ease, like second nature. Not a note was missing or out of place.  He played like it was the last time he was going to play.  The notes flowed off the strings and into the audience's hearts.

Alzheimer's Disease may have stopped Glen Campbell from doing some things - but one thing it has not stopped and that is the music.  Read my full review here on the Examiner.