Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Josh Thompson Reflects on Success in 2010

Fast paced is the best way to describe 2010 for Josh Thompson. This time last year, "Beer on the Table," was starting to make its way up the charts for the relatively new artist on the scene. Since then, he has been opening for Eric Church, Brad Paisley, and Hank Jr and even named one of the hottest bachelors in country music by Country Weekly readers. Since releasing his album in February, he has charted several hits with the latest being, "Won't Be Lonely Long."

In a recent interview, Josh Thompson spoke about the last year highlights of his career and future plans. When I last spoke to Josh in the spring, he was preparing for a season of opening for major acts. In speaking about the comparison of where he was a year ago as compared today, "I'm so far above from a year ago. I'm growing and it's amazing the dreams I'm achieving. You don't see it on a daily basis, but when you look back at what you've done ,it's pretty amazing. I've done about 240 shows in the last year, which is an amazing thing."

The biggest surprise so far, according to Thompson, "has been being able to see my fans grow, voting on stuff for me, and to see them come to shows to be there and support me in everything I do. To sing all the words to the songs on the record, it makes it interesting in my life in what I do and it is something you could really prepare for. It's been a pleasant surprise."

In July, he headlined the Frankfort, Kentucky's Froggy 104.9 FM's Froggy Field Party in Owenton, alongside Ashley Ray and Six Miles South. "That show was my favorite things to have done this summer. It was good to get out in the country and be able to do some fun stuff. Since then, I used Ashley Ray for a couple of vocals in the studio for a duet demo that I had and some other stuff. She's a great singer.

In adjusting to gaining fame, Thompson said that, "it's a process, you have to learn. It's a completely different way of life. You have to complete adjust your thinking and moves you make. It's a daily thing. I think I've adjusted well. I don't wear my sunglasses at night and expect people to hand me stuff (laughing). I think I'm handling it well." Over the last year, you can tell that he has been level-headed with success and has been completely humbled by the opportunities that have been presented to him.

If Josh is coming to your town, you might just find him at your local Wal-mart. "I actually just got out of Wal-mart. If we're in a town I have a show that night, sometimes people will recognize me but it's really not an issue at all. I enjoy meeting them."

As far as future tour plans for 2011, so far nothing has been set in stone. However, Josh Thompson is booking headlining stuff through July already. Hopefully one of those dates will include a stop or two in Kentucky.

The current single, "Won't Be Lonely Long," has been receiving quite a bit of airplay. For new album, "we're going into the studio after the first of the year and start cutting some tracks. I've been writing and weed through it all and figure out where it's going. I feel confident that I could go into the studio today and cut a record I think smokes the first one."

In looking back over 2010, Josh Thompson was definitely spot on as being one of country music men to watch. Things are gaining momentum and he is definitely setting pace of being a rising star in country music.

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